mobil Suzuki Carry Futura Pick Up 15'2010 Biru

Rp. 77 jt
Location : Jakarta D.K.I.
Date : 14 November 2010

Jual : Suzuki Carry Futura Pick Up 15 tahun 2010 BIRU
Tanggal: 14/11/2010 10:52:59
Condition: Masih seperti baru
Harga: Rp. 77.000.000 Bisa Nego
Oleh: Edy-Suryantoro
Lokasi: Depok,Jawa Barat

Di jual Suzuki Carry Futura Pick Up 1.5 tahun 2010 Tangan Pertama Warna Biru pajak bulan Juni, Bak Mega Cargo. Semua feature masih berfungsi normal & MESIN PRIMA.
Insya Allah barang tidak mengecewekan. Lokasi Depok Timur dekat kampus UI Depok Harga Rp 77.000.000 negotiable Hubungi : H. Edy Suryantoro (021) 70045969 (021)93435019 085710001719.

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Suzuki Carry Futura Blue Pick Up 15'2010

Price : Rp. 77.00 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : Jakarta D.K.I..

For Sale: Suzuki Carry Futura Pick Up 15 by 2010 BLUE
Date: 14/11/2010 10:52:59
Condition: Still like new
Price: Rp. 19 000 000 Can Nego
By: Edy-Suryantoro
Location: Depok, West Java

Sale Suzuki Carry Pick Up 1.5 years Futura 2010 Firsthand Blue taxes in June, Bak Mega Cargo. All the features are still functioning normally & MACHINE PRIMA.
Insha Allah not mengecewekan goods. The location near the campus of East Depok Depok Rp 19 000 000 Price negotiable Contact: H. Edy Suryantoro (021) 70045969 (021) 93435019 085 710 001 719.

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