mobil Suzuki Escudo, Cimahi

Motor : .Rp. 80 jt
Fajar Abdillah, Phone : 081809574411, Location : Cimahi.
Date : 2 Oktober 2010

Velg Racing, Kaca Film V-Kool, Karpet Dasar Dilapis, AC, Radio+CD/VCD+MP3, Power Steering, Power Windows, Electrik Mirrors, Central Lock, Alarm+Remote, Bohlam Lampu Depan Philips, Talang Air, Tandung Depan dan Pengaman Belakang, Ban Serep, Interior Rapih, Pajak s/d. Maret 2011, Kondisi Siap Pakai !.

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Suzuki Escudo, Cimahi

Price : Rp. 80.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Suzuki Escudo.
Seller :Penjual (seller) : Fajar Abdillah, 081809574411, Cimahi..

Velg Racing, V-Kool Film Glass, Carpet lined Elementary, AC, Radio + CD / VCD + MP3, Power Steering, Power Windows, Electrik Mirrors, Central Lock, Alarm + Remote, Front bulb Philips, Gutter Water, Front and Tandung Rear Safety, spare tire, interior Rapih, Taxes s / d. March 2011, Condition Ready to Wear!.

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